Breast Day Ever

When I was in elementary, I remember my science teacher talking to us girls about types of bukol. She said that when you notice anything odd and lumpy about your body, seek for medical help immediately. As deformities such as weird swelling & lumps may possibly be deadly and/or infectious. She also said that we should be always cautious, because we never know. “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Above all the diseases we talked about that day, she talked about breast cancer the most. She told us how she has been careful about her body ever since a relative of hers was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I came home that day fully loaded with knowledge. She gave us tips and tricks on how to lessen the risks, but I knew it wasn’t enough. There was more to know and learn.

Photo by Aniqa Canlas / SliceofKeiQ

Last month, I was invited to attend the Breast Day Ever – a one day event that aims to raise awareness on the importance of early detection to fight breast cancer. Remembering my experience back in elementary, I never had second thoughts about accepting the invite. I immediately confirmed my attendance and the rest was history.Read More »


The Eyebrowdery

For those who know me offline, I’m sure you know that I don’t really do make-up. I can survive going to places without putting anything on. It’s not that I’m already confident with my looks (like seriously. I’m not). I just wasn’t surrounded by people who do make up also.

or maybe because I tend to get lazy..sometimes or a lot of times.

Everything changed though when Summer of 2015 came. After the success of my thesis defense, I ended up exploring the fashion & beauty world bit by bit. (My thesis was originally about food, but upon revisions and more revisions. I ended up with fashion and advertising so I guess, I’d have to deal with beauty topics also) Now, I usually spend my free afternoons (practicing) painting on myself or watching tutorials online. Surprisingly, I find it really cool! The power of make-up can really do wonders!

BUT as we all know. Doing this everyday can be tiring sometimes, especially for those who always go out. You’d always have to put all sorts of cream on your face, paint your lips to your fave shade of pink and even draw your eyebrows every day. It takes strength and motivation to do it as an everyday regime. But it doesn’t have to be like this, with the advancement of our make-up technology now. You and I can wake up to a more beautiful version of ourselves, without holding another brush. Solution: 3D Technology Permanent Make-up

Photo by Aniqa Canlas / SliceofKeiQPhoto by Aniqa Canlas / SliceofKeiQ

Photo by Ralph Adversario

Last Friday (June 26,2015), I was invited by Kim Nuñez (who blogs over at AwkwardKim) to The Eyebrowdery‘s Bloggers Day. The Eyebrowdery is a 3D tech permanent make-up specialist which is located in Connecticut, Greenhills. Talk about permanent services solutions to beautify each client’s eyebrows, eyeliner, eyelashes, lips, nails and more!

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School year 2014-2015 has been pretty hectic for me.  Aside from the non-stop article writing, documentary making and thesis note taking for my majors, I also needed to juggle time as President of Chikishik (Chee-keeshk) Photography Organization. That means going to each and every event in school, getting exclusive deals (Awwyis! backstage passes to school events) and attending inspirational seminars sponsored by the school. Sometimes we also get freelance gigs from it, oh yes. The Perks and struggles of being behind the camera.

Everything changed come September though when Tricia Gosingtian’s name popped up in my notifications.

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