Literally came home to this piece of news:


A few weeks ago, my aunt and I found this contest by Quirks Novelties and Curiosities on Instagram and all they were asking was for us to post a photo of any of their items (must be travel related) on our own Instagram accounts with the caption:

” Loving this travel essential from @quirksallday #quirkytravels “

I remember telling my aunt that I’ll join this contest as soon as I find the time. I was still pretty occupied on the mural that i’ve been working on at Monte Cafe when the contest was released. Deep inside though, I really felt that I was meant to join because all I needed for this contest was already at home. I had a Philippine Scratch Map which I got on my 19th birthday.

On my entry, I decided to go with a flat lay. Since flat lays are cool and sort of easy to do. To make the shot more interesting, I’ve added a few more items that are also happen to be my travel essentials: My camera, including the Punchdrunk Panda Strap (which I also won from another contest. Thanks Plus63!), a hand painted sea pouch (made by @nonidevora), my dog tag and my fave puzzle cube.

Property of SliceofKeiQ

And who would’ve thought that I  would get it! Look Ma! Are you proud of me?

After seeing the announcement, Quirks and I have exchanged a few emails and it was all set. I was going to visit Quirks – SM Aura Premier for the gift certificates! But why there, you ask? because last time I was there, I saw this specific item:

Photo by QuirksPH.com
Photo by QuirksPH.com

It’s a Lightning Bolt USB hub. I really need it because not all my USB ports are working and – okay, it’s a Lightning Bolt. WHO DOESN’T WANT A LIGHTNING BOLT PC accessory? I’ve been eyeing this little baby for over a year now and sadly, dahil may eyeing-eyeing pa akong nalalaman,  It wasn’t there anymore when I visited.

Property of SliceofKeiQ
Quirks Novelties & Curiosities in SM Aura Premier, Taguig

If you’re not aware what this Quirks place I’m talking about, It is a shop that sells a a lot of fun and unusual items. “Because we hate things that are boring” as they describe their line of items. Talk about owning the coolest household items and room decorations! It is also a nice go-to place whenever you need to buy gifts! I swear, if you’re the type that usually runs out of ideas on what to give to your friends and loved ones during our fave holidays, Quirks Novelties and Curiosities might be the perfect place for you!

Property of SliceofKeiQ

There were so much new items when I visited, and if only I could get my hands on all of them! (but still, I don’t know where, but I’ll find you again my lightning bolt hub and I will buy you.)

Property of SliceofKeiQTo be honest, I wasn’t expecting to receive the certificates in this denomination. It’s so many! I thought they would give me just one certificate that already costs 5,000 pesos. I’m not complaining though, this is definitely a lot better. Not only did it give me the freedom to not spend it all in one day, having a lot of certs in my hand made it feel much more – nice. huhu still can’t believe I won!

I’d have to admit. Holding 10 certs at a time made me feel bad ass and kawaii~ haha

Property of SliceofKeiQ
10 Gift Certificates from Quirks! Woot Woot!

Since I live all the way in the mountains of Upper Antipolo (that’s roughly two hours away from Makati, huhu tagabundok), I’ve decided to spend 3/4 of the Gift Certificates in SM Aura already.

Property of SliceofKeiQ

Property of SliceofKeiQ

By the time I was finished, I was able to get myself and my family a lot of stuff. Weeee! (was able to take home 11 items all in all!)

A baby teether for my baby cousin, Trinity Eve. Yay!

Property of SliceofKeiQ

Fun fact: My first Quirk’s Novelty was a Rubik’s Cube Speaker, and it was given to me by my dad on my 18th birthday. He really knows how much I love Rubik’s cubes. Love you dad!

Property of SliceofKeiQ… and yes, I just had to get more Rubik’s cube items

Property of SliceofKeiQ I spent around 3,000 pesos in SM Aura Premiere then I spent the reamaining 2,000 pesos the next day in Quirks Novelties & Curiosities  – SM Megamall.

Property of Slice of KeiQI really had a great time looking at all items being sold in this store. Will definitely come back for  more quirky stuff!

Property of SliceofKeiQThanks again Quirks for choosing me as your #QuirkyTravels winner. Me and my family have been big fans since day one. Keep on rocking, Quirks!

Have you visited Quirks Novelties and Curiosities? Which item of theirs did you like best?


Quirks Novelties and Curiosities located in Powerplant Mall, SM Aura Premiere, Shangri-la Mall and SM Megamall.

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This post is not sponsored by Quirks Novelties and Curiosities | Photos taken by @missdanievi



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