If I’m feeling the need to go on a retail therapy, one of the first places I always think about would be Greenhills. I’ve never had any problems choosing my wardrobe staples whenever I’m there. There’s so much stalls and brands to choose from! If you’re not satisfied with the Tiangge area, you can always jump to their other locations: V-mall and Promenade.

Property of SliceofKeiQ

My favorite shops / brands are Chocful of Nuts, Fudge Rock, Regina’s Gift Shop and Nava Boutique to name a few.


I just so love Greenhills in general and I’m so happy to find out that it loves me back too. Earlier this year, Greenhills launched the #DiscoverGreenhills tag wherein they encourage people of all ages to snap photos of their fave Greenhills finds and post them on Instagram.

And in support, I took my part in taking photos as well. Here’s a snap from Nava Boutique’s Gift Section. I love how everything is just within the hues of black, white and brown!

Honestly forgot about the hues of the shot for a second there when I got this notification from @greenhillsPH a few weeks after.

I’ve never imagined that the photo I took would get me this opportunity. So proud that my photo got to be the FIRST ever winner of the promo. It gives me confidence that I should keep up with taking Instagram photos.

The gift certificates that they’re going to give would be a big help to me. I really couldn’t thank Greenhills enough! I really want to look extra presentable for a big event and this announcement just granted my wishes! My thesis defense is coming up in a few weeks and I still got nothing to wear! (Believe me, i really dont have anything HAHA)

The following monday, Greenhills sent me the GCs including a shopping bag.

 Aww! Thanks for the shopping bag! You’ve really got me all ammo-ed up!

 I love how the shopping bag is fold-able into this little pouch when not in use.

The first thing I looked for when I got to Greenhills were slacks. My wardrobe honestly lacked slacks and a few blazers. (oh corporate world!) With the GCs that I got from #DiscoverGreenhills, I was able to get three pairs of slacks.


I didnt have a hard time looking for what I needed. As soon as I entered the tiangge, I immediately saw the pairs of slacks doing puppy eyes on me. As much as I liked to get all colors, I couldn’t. Everything was just so nice and they had my sizes!

In the end, I was able to get my pairs in Brown, Black and Navy Blue. Yes, safe and really corporate colors. Had fun shopping for corporate wear. Big big thanks to Greenhills for making it easy to shop for me.

Now I’m ready to curl my lashes, clear my throat and face my defense panelists! Wish me luck!

Have you also shopped in Greenhills? What’s your favorite store there? Let me know in the comments section below.


Greenhills Shopping Center is located in Ortigas Avenue, Northen Western Street, San Juan, Manila

Contact Number: (02) 721 0572

Website | Instagram | Facebook


Update (March 23, 2014)  My thesis defense was a success! I was the highest in my class with A’s on both paper work and the presentation. Boo yeah! Rock on Greenhills! Wouldn’t have done it without you!


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