School year 2014-2015 has been pretty hectic for me.  Aside from the non-stop article writing, documentary making and thesis note taking for my majors, I also needed to juggle time as President of Chikishik (Chee-keeshk) Photography Organization. That means going to each and every event in school, getting exclusive deals (Awwyis! backstage passes to school events) and attending inspirational seminars sponsored by the school. Sometimes we also get freelance gigs from it, oh yes. The Perks and struggles of being behind the camera.

Everything changed come September though when Tricia Gosingtian’s name popped up in my notifications.

“See you guys on Monday” was something I did not expect to see but I’m so thankful I did. This meant that I was chosen to be one of the four lucky gals who will get to be styled by no other than THE Tricia Gosingtian in SM Makati. wow

And by “Tweet” I meant this: [LINK]

The contest mechanics were simple. Post a photo of your OOTD with the caption: ” I want to go shopping at @thesmstore #SMMakati with @tgosingtian! #TriciaGxSMMakati

Getting styled and being in front of the cam was something REALLY new to me. I went to SM Makati (which was two hours away) and I’m just thankful that I was able to go there safely. September 15, 2014 was a Monday, and classes were suspended because of the rain. (It didnt really rain though.) The first thing I did in SM Makati was have my make up done.

Photo by Tricia Gosingtian

The girl doing my makeup noticed that after quite sometime, the make up on my face changed colors. This was when I discovered that I was acidic. (I don’t really wear make up, so I wouldn’t know.) Another make up artist from cover girl helped out cleaning my face and repainting it again with the right products and woolah! 

As soon as Cover Girl was satisfied with their work, I went to the Maybelline section to meet the other winners.  I got to chat and take photos for Kim Nuñez (who blogs over at AwkwardKim) while waiting for Miss Tricia along with Mika and Yen who were already inside shopping.

The moment she talked to me, I knew we would click! We both liked bands, food & anything kawaii. Surprisingly, she lives 5 minutes away from where I live in Antipolo. That explains why have so many mutual friends! #smallworld

We had fun chilling ang talking with Sir Dennis and the rest of the Maybelline team. By the time Mika and Yen were done with the shopping, it was me and Kim’s turn to shop with Miss Tricia.

Photo by Kim Nunez

When asked about myself and what I needed. I told Miss Tricia that I am a artsy media student who would love to have colorful corporate clothes for a change. My wardrobe mainly consist of tees and shorts in shades of dark colors. I hoped that this styling event would help me get office ready for future internship interviews.  In addition, I also said that color blocking has been a big problem of mine. It might be odd to some but since they say I’m a creative and that it should be easy for me to mix and match clothes – its not. I believe Fashion is another form of art. Learning this is like learning a new language. 

Went around the Girls Teen Wear section looking for the pieces we needed. So there’s GTW Party, GTW Urban, GTW Fab, SM Woman, SM Accessories and etc. There’s just so much clothes to choose from! So much prints, textures and colors. I LIKE!


To be honest, this was the first time I actually filled a cart with clothes! I’ve never been the shopping type. I have zero knowledge on this whatsoever and I’m really glad Miss Tricia was there to help out.

Sir Dennis and Miss Patricia from SM Makati

After getting our clothes, we went to the accessories section. The place is so white and clean. Ohhh look, marbeled floors! LOVE!!


Here’s Miss Tricia helping Kim with her accesories.


After visiting the shoe area, we were then off to the dressing rooms! Here’s what I looked like before getting in:

Photo by Tricia Gosingtian

And here are the clothes:


1) Outfit 1: Artist Crop Top from GTW Urban and Tennis Lace Skirt from GTW Fab + Mika’s sweater

  IMG_1911Outfit 2: Floral Top and Pleated Black Skirt both from GTW Fab

and the winner:

Outfit 3: Yellow Top Cropped Button Down and Floral Origami Skort both from GTW Fab

As soon as we picked up our faves from the sets, we had a quick photoshoot with the clothes!

Solo + Pic with Miss Tricia
Group photo

From the bottom of my heart thanks so much to everyone who helped make this happen. SM Makati, thank you THANK YOU for this wonderful afternoon and these lovely clothes and this necklace that I got to take home.

I want to post all the selfies I took with them, but I have to control myself!


Me and Mika Canto of Haute+Meal <3

 Thanks Kim, Mika and Yen for the quick hang out after the event. It was nice to know you three!


And thank you Miss Tricia for boosting my self esteem by giving me tips on how to dress better and how to shop wiser. I’ve never been more confident in finding what I need whenever I’m shopping!


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