Type Kita

So let’s say, you just discovered something new. It might be a hobby, a new TV show or it might even be someone you just met! The thing is, you’ve grown so attracted by the very existence of it and you end up wanting to know everything about it. Have you considered counting how many times you’ve thought about it? How about counting how many times you’ve talked about it? If it was more than 3 times a day, then it’s undeniably have become something you like. To be honest, this was what I felt when I first got introduced to Typography. “Typography is the style, arrangement, or appearance of printed letters on a page” – Merriam Webster.

It was really predestined that when I was starting to get involved with the said art, an exhibit was opening in 10a Alabama. I immediately invited Discovering Danyela and there we went out to Cubao to explore the world of Typography!

Type Kita is the first typography exhibit in the Philippines (and it was also for the benefit of the Yolanda survivors) It was held last March 15 – 16 (2014) at 10a Alabama, Cubao. It featured Filipino typography artists where they showcased their works for all type enthusiasts to see!

The exhibit featured works from: (click the link to visit their Facebook / Instagram accounts)


fozzy castro-dayrit (@thefozzybook) | alexis ventura (@inkscribbler)| patrick cabral (@darkgravity) | camy cabral (@origamidreamer) | alan navarra (@arnavarra) | femi cachola (@gawanifemi) | alessa lanot (@lifeafterbreakfastph) | mansy absesamis (@heykessy) | abbey sy (@abbeysy) | archetype | wee will doodle | victoria velasco (@victoriavelasco) | cookie quevado | marco ortiga | kish javier (@kishjavier) | hocus manila (@hocusmanila) | risa rodil (@risarodil) | dana deguzman | mary imbong (@maryimbong) | kay aranzanso (@kayaranzanso)  | pergy acuna | pauline ibarra | emma holmes | ricardo gonzales | adam klodecki | laura worrick

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

10a alabama’s lovely gate!

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

 sponsored by Artline Markers!

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

lovely type details!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

I’d rather call them survivors though :)

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

Hi lovely organizers!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Cookies Make Everything Better

Sadly, I didn’t have a photo of the cookies, but you can check out those + other goodies on their online shop, Pink Teacup Shoppe by Elle Battung

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

Bike to Work

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

haruu @lifeafterbreakfastph

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

“Basta Driver, Sweet Lover!”

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

“Classes on going!”

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

DiscoveringDanyela caught gramming!

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

One of my fave works from the exhibit. Art by @origamidreamerPhoto by Aniqa Canlas

Art by @darkgravity

Photo by Aniqa Canlas


Photo by Aniqa Canlas

Handwritten type <3

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

Hang-out, Hang-out lang pag may time. ft @richieweaves

Photo by Aniqa Canlas

But, it wasn’t just their projects that got featured. Two photos from my Instagram account also got featured on TypeKita’s Instagram highlights video! You can check out the video here.

01:28 and 02:21 (ft @richieweaves)

 Untitled-1 a

a lot of Danyela‘s photos were also featured (Check 0:08, 1:43, 01:44, 01:46 and 02:19)

It was nice seeing our Filipino typography artists. Local Made type, everyone! GrabePinoy Pride Talaga! Can’t wait for the next Type Kita! Join us on October 18 – 19 for TYPE KITA 2 (for the benefit of HEART school)


Type Kita 2 features 42 local artists! YEHEYYYY

Poster by Ella Lama


Type by Patrick Cabral (huhu idol forevs)

Let me know if you’re going! Let’s hangout and talk about type! :DD


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