The Press IDs

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Today, I’ve decided to make a new category for SliceofKeiq and it is called #KeiQreates. This is basically just me, ‘KeiQ’ with all the stuff and projects that I’ve been making when I’m not online. It’ll feature everything that I’ve made over the past few years (plus the one’s ill work on in the future, of course!). Aside from that it’ll also include collaborations with other artists, commissioned work and other freelance work. I’m so psyched to share to you guys what I have been doing so far! It has really been a creative year, and I really can’t wait to venture more!

And In commemoration of this special day, I’m going to post about my latest work, The Tel-La Salle Press ID.


Tel-La Salle is an organization in my school, which is composed of the core team behind the school’s official magazine, the Tel-La Salle Magazine. Every year, the org publishes two magazines (one per sem) and luckily for me, I was able to experience working on four magazine already. (that’s two years / four semesters worth of magazines! GOSH I FEEL OLD)

In spite of all the school work and commissions that I had to do, I made time to squeeze in this in my schedule. I really found the Press IDs an interesting project to do, so when it was officially announced by the org’s EIC that we will have Press IDs this year. I immediately looked for my Pantone notebook / Idea notebook and I started sketching.

To be honest, this project took me time to finish. I really wanted my submission to be nice and presentable because if my work would be the chosen design, it would be the org’s first Press ID – history.


After sketching, I went on and reviewed all the photo’s taken during last year’s cover shoot for the magazine. There were a lot of photos there that were not used, so I thought it would be perfect if I used a photo from that shoot as a background for the ID. Since my design is purely type based and made up of thin white lines, I really think that those shots and my current sketch will go well together.

IMG_6341 tel IMG_6348

I used the one in the middle (already enhanced and color corrected)

With the background photo done, I went to my computer and I started digitizing! Had to be extra particular with the kerning, the brush size of each element and also the opacity of some letters so that it would go accordingly to what I have sketched. This was such a nice project to do! I really had fun doing it as much as It was extra fun when I already saw my designs printed!



I love seeing digital work in actual print. Makes everything extra real!


I want to say thank you again to Tel’s momma / Editor – In – Chief, Loise Deala who blogs over at Crash My Ambivalence and to all the Tel members who voted for my work, from the bottom of my heart,

Thank you so much! :*


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    • Hi Kriztin! For this I used the Pen Tool for making straight lines. I suggest though you start with something easy like simply pressing the ‘B’ (Brush Tool) on your keyboard. Next, press the shift button. Hold it while you drag your mouse / pen tablet up or down. That’ll do the trick! :)

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