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If you happen to watch a lot of movies (and TV series), I’m sure you already have an idea that S’mores have always been depicted as snacks eaten during camping. The usual scene we see in movies is where kids flock around a bonfire, carrying soft white marshmallows skewered on sticks plus a few graham crackers and chocolate by their sides.

These melt-in-your-mouth treats are usually prepared on the spot, so the warmth and gooey-ness of the chocolate with the marshmallows would perfectly blend with the graham crackers’ sweetness. I really believe the whole S’mores experience start with this — the preparation. Can’t you just imagine what it’s like to enjoy a couple of Toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate all sandwiched in between two graham crackers while hearing campfire stories? MMM mmm mmm!

As a kid, I have always wanted to experience my first s’more to be eaten like that. I wanted my first s’more experience to be D.I.Y -ed and I swore to myself that If ever that day would come. I would definitely get money from my own wallet and I’d buy all the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars that I could get my hands on.

It never happened though, sadly. (My first s’more experience was still pretty epic also, but yeah. That’s another story.)


Anyway, one day. Pepper PH and The Wall Street Baker came into my life and changed the way I have perceived S’mores.


and oh boy.

I joined a contest hosted by Pepper PH and sponsored by The Wall Street Baker.  Luckily, I was one of the 3 people who got to try their goodies myself! If you read how the contest mechanics, it asked us readers that if ever given the chance. How would you sell these baked goodies to someone who doesn’t eat sweets?  What would you say to them in order to boost your product sales? What would you have said if you were asked this?


You can check the whole article (along with my answer) here (link)!

As I was reading the shop’s menu, I noticed that they were selling s’mores. Okay yes, I get it. I didn’t put much attention to it since I was still pursuing my dream to DIY my S’mores, but when I read what these S’mores were made up of, to hell with DIY!  S’mores with Cookie Dough sounded pretty epic! I didn’t even give it a second thought; I immediately sent them an email asking to get me each and every version of their s’mores.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Wall Street Baker’s S’mores on Steroids!

MG_9397 IMG_939as7 I love how everything melts in your mouth instantly. The chocolate, the graham cracker, the oh-so-chewy cookie with the fluffy marshmallows. This is literally s’more on a different level!


Guys, swear. I cannot express how much I loved these S’mores. Try these yourselves and see!

IMG_39as And If I’m not mistaken, the name of these yummy treats came from the phrase ‘Some More’ hence S’mores!

Sounds pretty cool right?

IMG_9397  I ended up getting all their different kinds of S’mores which were:

  • S’mores (PHP 220 for 12 pcs; PHP 400 for 24 pcs)

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and marshmallows in cookie dough, all on a graham cracker.

  • S’mores on “Steroids (PHP 240 for 12 pcs; PHP 440 for 24 pcs)

S’mores with a jam-packed marshmallow and peanut buttery cookie dough.

  • “Once You Go Black…” S’mores (PHP 240 for 12 pcs; PHP 440 for 24 pcs)

Double dark chocolate chip s’mores topped off with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate.

IMG_9452  IMG_9473

Contact Lara ( Owner of The Wall Street Baker ) at +639176236323 or for orders!


Just curious, when was the first time you’ve had a S’more? :)


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